MetaPower, Industrial IoT Wireless Power Developer, Joins 5G Open Lab


Tuesday, Seattle MetaPowera precursor in the development of emergence, mmWave Smart wireless power for industrial IoT customers who do not depend on copper-based sensor networks, announced that it was one of 12 startups newly added to the 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OIL).

The 5G OIL is an ecosystem of startups, companies and industry partners, and investors who collaborate to develop new technologies and solutions leveraging the power of edge computing and 5G. The Lab’s active corporate and industrial partners include Intel, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Dell Technologies, Amdocs, VMware, Avanade, F5, Spirent, Ericsson, CNH Industries, Nokiaand Palo Alto Networks, with more than 100 venture capitalists. Companies and industry partners work directly with participating startups to provide business and technical mentorship and collaborate on potential proof of concept, go-to-market, and other engagements and opportunities.

“Our inclusion in the upcoming Batch 5 (ed: fifth cohort of 5G OIL participants) program comes at the right time. We successfully completed initial working prototypes and launched our early access program with leading industrial IoT and controls companies. Our participation will boost the development of our production systems built around 5G technologies. said the CEO of MetaPower Marc Waldenberg comment on the partnership. “Having direct access to leading technology companies will help us deliver compelling use cases and a go-to-market plan that maximizes value for our industrial customers.”

“We welcome MetaPower as a new member of our Batch 5 program,” said Jim Brisimitzis, Managing Partner at 5G OIL. “Their unique combination of leveraging 5G technologies and edge computing aligns perfectly with our ecosystem focus.”

MetaPower’s business is based on a beamforming technology called SmartLinkSpecifically, software-defined antennas that can focus power on a moving receiver and track it in real time, forming narrow converging beams or exploiting multipath environments. This creates a remote power link that can deliver power over distances of several feet to hundreds of feet, even through fog and dust. Modular solution by design, the power level and transfer distance of the system can be increased as needed by combining additional transmitters. MetaPower’s system operates in an unlicensed spectrum band (ISM) and requires very little bandwidth, so Wireless, Bluetoothand other wireless communication protocols can continue to operate in its presence.

The company has several specific goals planned for its 5G OIL collaboration. MetaPower says it will access advanced test facilities that are otherwise beyond the reach of an early-stage startup to perform cutting-edge testing and validate system deployment scenarios using advanced 5G networking capabilities, the Beam of mmWave wireless power and edge computing. It will kick-start the development of a production cloud solution for the installation, secure operation and monitoring of SmartLink. It will develop and validate business use cases across key 5G industry verticals, integrating technology from partner companies that focus on AI/ML, machine vision and security.

In July 2021, MetaPower launched a Early Access Program suitable for key industrial partners looking to evaluate MetaPower’s industry-leading 24 Ghz wireless power platform and cloud connectivity technologies.

“We now have a unique market opportunity to leverage years of advanced wireless power research and development and redefine how wireless power can enable and accelerate digital transformation for large commercial and industrial enterprises.” , MetaPower’s Waldenberg said when the program was announced. “Our core technology platform offers a compelling combination of power density, dynamic power ranges and distances, fast beam switching, and autonomous operation that delivers brand new capabilities to partners in manufacturing verticals, energy and critical infrastructure and bring them even closer to the full realization of Industry 4.0.

MetaPower was founded in Intellectual Enterprise Laboratories in Bellevue, Washington, and designed wireless power applications as a startup within the lab Invention Science Fund since 2016.


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