My nine best band t-shirts that are technically nothing but Autostraddle products


As someone who often prefers not to be seen, wearing clothes with words on them can be a tough business, but when it comes to my beloved Autostraddle merch, I’m pretty confident the majority of the word thinks that I’m just here to support my favorite bands !!! Maybe Dyke Drama isn’t a band, but it could be, you know what I mean? Which brings me to today’s topic: all the imaginary bands I support when wearing my Autostraddle product which you can get right now in the Autostraddle Store for 15% off with the code GOODBYE 15 (25% off with a special code for A + members, there’s an email about it in your inbox!).

This group landed on the national radar this summer with their lopsided mix of Tayor Swift’s Bad Blood and Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u”, but we already knew them. We were aware of the legendary split between Kimberlee (bass) and Aiden (vocals), we saw the clip from the Mercury Lounge where Kimberlee threw a vodka-tonic at Aiden mid-performance and Aiden didn’t even flinch, just jerked her head slightly to squeeze those now sticky bangs out of her face and continued to sing. How Kimberlee’s new girlfriend Devyn replaced Aiden on their 2019 pub crawl, singing all those heartbreaking songs Kimberlee wrote about Aiden. How Aiden went solo, Kimberlee and Devyn got married in a private little backyard ceremony during her forties, Aiden’s new Canadian girlfriend had a real baby and they were married during her forties. ‘a mid-sized private ceremony in the backyard and somehow this whole wedding made their relationship as a group possible again and now they’re better than ever? And they did this fucking mashup? It’s a soap opera… but it’s a group.

lazy women "Bandaged" - Two queers sitting on the floor, one plays the guitar, there is a harpist in the background.
The Lazy Women have embraced the Living Room Tour spirit of so many independent artists, with one exception: Radius 5 blocks from each other. Harps are heavy! Their iconic lounge chairs are as memorable as their syrupy, cabaret-friendly voice.

KD lang is in the middle of the QUEER ELDER logo

This pop-up group has a rotating cast of around 25 musical legends who perform the same ten lesbian classics at every 6 p.m. show, taking place in relaxing venues with hearing-friendly acoustics and daycare. Each establishment offers drink menus consisting of 50% cocktails and 50% club soda lime. At a recent performance in Berkeley, Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman and kd Lang sang “This Land is Your Land” in front of a crowd of weeping, comfortably dressed gay humans bathed in “the power of the community.”

Gay Chaos are two short-haired homosexuals wearing strappy and fishnet clothes doing wild poses.
Eddy and Becky, best friends who fucked on OnlyFans to make money to fund their debut album, started off with tub ukelele covers and desperate, keeled ballads that made rock bottom ring like the only real feeling. on the planet. It was lesbian folk-rock music, but makes it chaotic, like Melissa Etheridge on amphetamines. Everything is blood and fire, everything has never been blood and fire. As the band evolved and the girls grew, they moved on to rock harder, had a full group of musicians with irregular sleep schedules, poor relationships with their parents, and unmedicated ADHD. and made more room to scream into the void. Known for canceling shows at the last minute, sneaking out new tracks at midnight, and spending time with fans until 3 a.m. making increasingly misguided decisions, being a fan of Gay Chaos, c It’s like navigating a rigged obstacle course, but the reward for your endurance can be so sweet.

Three queers playing guitar form Lesberado

Country music has long been dominated by conservative straight whites, but Lesberado – an El Paso band made up of two sisters and their wives – is changing all that. Infusing Tejano’s country lore with no-bullshit lyrics that’s more hopeful than your average Nashville number, it’s hard to hear a Lesberado song and not want to roll down the window and sing real loud. They had a big summer: opening act for Dixie Chicks, recording a single with Rick Trevino. Since going viral on TikTok with “Is this your shirt or my shirt?” – their ode to their own successful marriages and life on the road – this t-shirt exploded in popularity as a frequent presence in the song’s viral dance moves.

Two queers in denim and magenta and cyan with fun sunglasses with the GAL PAL shirt next to them.
Addictive and tasteless pop from Lena and Julia, two teenage girls with fresh faces who are better dancers than singers. We know we should know more, but it’s hard to look away from their backup butch dancers who flip them on the stage like silver dollar pancakes.

an older mascot dyke raising her arms and wearing the DYKES t-shirt
This vintage t-shirt pays homage to the short-lived band Aiden formed after their split with Kimberlee and left “Dyke Drama”. The joke is that there really was only Aiden in the group, but Dykes is a plural, even though there is only one Dyke? The music was good anyway.

A woman plays the drums surrounded by children with instruments.  She is wearing a purple Lavender Menace shirt
The real deep cut in my collection of band merchandise is this children’s folk music ensemble of three women with sane hairstyles who are best known for their songs “Heather Has Three Mommies, Actually” and “Gay B Cs” , which has been the subject of a myriad of convictions on Fox News following a series of performances at children’s libraries near the group’s headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana.

Two lesbians jump wildly, one plays guitar - Let's Go Lesbians tee in the middle

I love a band that makes you want to jump up and down in a crowd of sweaty gay babies who grew up on Panic at the Disco, you know what I’m talking about? Let’s go lesbians !!!!!!!!!

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