New Years Guitarist Says Vinnie Paul Approved His Band’s Coverage on Pantera’s “F ** King Hostile”



NEW YEAR’S DAY guitarist Nikki Misery spoke to “Brewtally Speaking Podcast” on the criticism his band received for his cover of the PANTERA classic “Fucking hostile”. NEW YEAR’S DAYthe track version was included on the “Diary of a Creeper” EP, released in January 2018.

“Oddly enough, it was funny, because we actually did an acoustic version of ‘Hostile’, and a lot of people were losing their shit because of that “, Nikki dit (listen to the audio below). “At the same time, it’s rock and roll too. Rock and roll is supposed to break the rules. And I understand that too, because some of these bands and songs hold a personal place in your heart. So to see d ‘other people touch it, I understand them, but I can’t help myself. I will always be a rebel. I will always have to break some rules. And even more, if you are not supposed to do it, now i really I want to do it. And above all also, [late PANTERA drummer] Vinnie paul [Abbott] actually heard [our versions of the song], and loved it and gave it a thumbs up. So that was the only approval I needed. “

NEW YEAR’S DAY singer Ash costello said previously Alternative press that she first became a fan of PANTERA when she was still a teenager.

“When I was in high school there were different groups of kids,” she explained. “The goths. The ska. The punks. The metal ones. I had innuendos with each one. The metal band was all about the music. Every noon it was just listening to our favorite metal songs. table in the school quadrilateral. The groups we played ranged from IRON MAIDEN and MEGADETH To KILLER and CRADLE OF GROWTH. But a band really did it for me. Fucking PANTERA. Guitar riffs. The tone of the guitar. The subject of the songs. The way they looked. Something about it sounded like me. And especially the other songs, after all this time, “Fucking hostile” always do each of my playlists “before going on stage”. It has shaped a lot of my preferences when it comes to writing musical songs, and it’s what I rely on a lot. NEW YEAR’S DAYit’s music. “

NEW YEAR’S DAY released their fourth studio album, “Unbreakable”, in April via ROUGE Music. The sequel to 2015 “Malevolence” was produced by Mitchell marlow (ALL THAT REMAINS, AT THE MOMENT, BUTCHER BABIES) and Scott Stevens (AMERICAN AUTHORS, HALALE STORM, BROKEN).

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