Nine-year-old girl covers a group of children from Rammstein’s “Du Hast”



A group of 10 children, aged 9 to 18, covered Rammstein1997 hit, “Du Hast”, edited by the O’Keefe Music Foundation.

They say if you are going to learn another language, start at a young age. It has a plethora of developmental benefits and, in our non-expert opinion, learning Rammstein’s lyrics is a perfect way to engage in this activity.

In the latest cover song and the latest music video from the non-profit organization that offers free music education for children, nine-year-old Taylor Jade Campbell is placed in the foreground amid a myriad of other children. with a, Willa Hillard, on the foot of the Slipknot line, equipped with a metal baseball bat and a giant metal cannon. This, together with the standalone pair of bass drums, helps convey the industrial connotation of “Du Hast”.

Campbell brings a whole new take on the classic Rammstein. Naturally, she doesn’t have the deep, thundering voice of the six-foot tall. Until Lindemann.

Check out the lineup, with a breakdown of each musician’s age, directly below and watch the coverage further down the page.

To learn more about the O’Keefe Music Foundation, run here.

O’Keefe Music Foundation – Rammstein, programming “Du Hast”

  • Voice: Taylor Jade Campbell (9 years old)
  • Concert bass drum: Miles Fong (9 years old)
  • Rhythm guitar: Alex (10 years old)
  • Metal barrel and baseball bat: Willa Hillard (10 years old)
  • Concert bass drum: Logan Miller (10)
  • Concert bass drum: Shreyans Yadav (11 years old)
  • Bass guitar: Logan Halverson (13)
  • Drums: Zach Halverson (16)
  • Rhythm guitar: Alex Sutherland (17)
  • Modular Keyboard and Synth: Mackenzie Click (18)

Kids + Teens cover Rammstein’s “Du Hast” – O’Keefe Music Foundation

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