Obtaining Financing and Funding for Your Work


Discover where to get finance for your music company and helpful organizations that may assist.

While funding competitions may be intense, artists can increase their chances of success by submitting solely to opportunities that are a good fit for their circumstances or ideas and completing application forms as correctly and efficiently as feasible go to Consolidation Now and try for free.

Funding organizations and prizes for musicians

Several of the most well-known financing organizations and prizes include the following:

England’s Arts Council (ACE)

Arts Council England promotes, develops, and invests in creative and cultural activities that enhance people’s lives. We invest government and National Lottery funds in arts and culture around the country. This supports various activities, from theatre to digital art, from reading to a dancing, music to literature, and crafts to collecting.

ACE provides a variety of financing alternatives for artists and arts organizations and prizes.

Artists International Development Fund provides early-stage development chances for independent and self-employed artists residing in England to develop relationships with artists, organizations, and creative producers in other countries. NB: Applications for this fund are not currently being accepted.

Grants for the Arts is a lottery-funded initiative that provides grants to individuals, arts organizations, and other organizations that use the arts in their work. Grants are available for activities over a specific period and involve people in the arts in England or assist artists and arts organizations in England in carrying out their work.

Foundation PRS

Our mission is to foster and support the creation and performance of new music in the United Kingdom and ensure that this broad music audience enjoys this music. Since March 2000, we have invested over £19.5 million in over 4,600 new music projects.

This is accomplished via open grant programs offered to artists and organizations four times a year and through partnership programs that we manage in response to particular needs and financing shortfalls. Foundation PRS

Among the current financing options for artists are:

Funding Opportunities: This program promotes 1) the production and performance of new music of extraordinary quality in any genre. 2) maximizing the potential of artists, and 3) viewers who are inspired.

Momentum funding: Grants ranging from £5k to £15k to artists and bands looking to further their careers.

The International Showcase Fund, which is run in collaboration with British Underground, UK Trade & Investment, Arts Council England, and The MU, assists UK artists in reaching a global audience by playing at significant showcasing festivals and conferences.

Women Make Music: Up to £5000 in financial assistance is offered, and new music in any genre is encouraged.

Composer Bursaries with The Bliss Trust: We collaborate with The Bliss Trust to help young composers based in the United Kingdom. They are seeking funding to further their professional growth in contemporary classical music.

Assist Musicians

Help Artists (HM) offers a variety of financial assistance to musicians to:

  • Consider musical theatre, opera, or graduate studies.
  • Produce and distribute music, and
  • Practice or develop your creativity.

Additionally, HM gives financial assistance to developing jazz performers. A Peter Whittingham Jazz Award is given to bands and musicians creating hip hop, R&B, grime, soul, reggae, music of African origin, jazz, and gospel via the MOBO Help Musicians Fund.

Along with financing for musicians, HM’s funding wizard can assist you in identifying possibilities that are relevant to you. Additionally, musicians in Scotland and Northern Ireland may seek assistance from specific on-the-ground personnel.

Scotland’s creative spirit

Creative Scotland is primarily funded by the Scottish Government and the National Lottery. Along with assisting arts organizations around Scotland, assistance is provided for individual growth, concept financing, and new work and initiatives.

Office of Cultural Enterprise

The Cultural Enterprise Office assists creative enterprises across Scotland. These contain how-to advice on obtaining financing from a variety of sources and on submitting applications and proposals.

Northern Ireland Arts Council

Northern Ireland’s Artistic Council sponsors a wide variety of arts activities. Along with supporting artistic organizations, there are various individual assistance programs.

Wales Arts Council

The Arts Council of Wales is the government-appointed organization responsible for funding and developing the arts in Wales. They are funded by both the Welsh Government and the National Lottery. The majority of funding goes to artists and arts organizations working in Wales.

Occasionally, they also operate their initiatives, particularly those that investigate new areas of artistic activity or work to convince other organizations to take an interest in the arts.


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