Onera Health launches Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip ™ at CES 2022


Onera Health, MedTech Company and Digital Health today announced the introduction of its first Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip â„¢, a hub of ultra-low-power biosignal sensors for portable health.

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, January 03, 2022– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Onera Health today announced the launch of its first Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip â„¢. The biomedical sensor system on a chip acquires and processes multiple biosignals and is designed for a wide range of applications and portable health devices, providing numerous solutions and opportunities for innovation in the medical, wellness and health field. fitness.

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Onera Health introduces Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip â„¢, a portable ultra-low power biosignal sensor concentrator for health. (Photo: Business Wire)

“We are delighted to present Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip ™ in the run-up to CES 2022 in Las Vegas this week. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce our chip to the wearable device ecosystem! Our highly integrated and comprehensive biosignal sensor hub is a unique solution that promises to revolutionize this competitive field. It combines clinical-grade physiological measurements and analyzes with ultra-low power consumption, enabling the development of miniaturized, high-quality portable devices. product within our portfolio, and not just as part of our innovative Onera diagnostic and monitoring solutions, is yet another exciting step for our company ”, explains Ruben de Francisco, founder and CEO of Onera.

The Dutch-American company has drawn on its deep technological roots and its close partnership with imec, a leading research and innovation center in the field of nanoelectronics and digital technologies, with the development of the chip from ultra-low consumption biosignal.

“Seeing Onera bring this revolutionary system-on-a-chip to market is the very essence of imec’s unique experience in semiconductor devices for MedTech applications, and of our imec ecosystem: enabling innovation by nanotechnology and digital technology that promises a significant impact on the quality of life “, added Rudi Cartuyvels, COO of imec.

Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip â„¢ is a multi-channel sensor reading system with integrated data processing, power management and interfacing functionality. It offers a wide range of on-chip biomedical sensor readings including 10 readings for ExG, covering EEG, ECG, EMG and EOG, 2 bioimpedance readings and 2 readings for photoplethysmography. The data can be processed by on-chip digital filters and accelerators, supported by a powerful ARM Cortex M4f. The chip has several standard wired interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C and I2S. The chip operates entirely on a single power source which can range from 0.8V to 3.6V, as power management is also built into the chip. In addition, a large amount of SRAM and built-in FLASH is available, supporting the large number of data streams with precise data synchronization as the core functionality.

To support the development and transition to the marketing of Onera’s products, the company recently stepped up its recruitments, in particular by strengthening its solid management team.

From 5e to 8e January 2022, Onera Health exhibits its Onera STS I polysomnography solution and Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip â„¢ at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, booth 8570 in the LVCC – North Hall.

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Onera Health is a leader in diagnostic and surveillance transformation. Their breakthrough products and technologies are poised to help millions of people with health issues and chronic diseases in various medical fields including sleep, neuro, cardiac and respiratory care, improving health and quality of life. patients around the world. The company’s innovative solutions provide comprehensive physiological and health-related data to physicians in a variety of clinical and non-clinical environments to optimize patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Onera has offices in the Netherlands and the United States. For more information, visit

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