Popular City Hard Rock/Metal Band “SOUNDS FISHY” Releases Debut EP Titled “RETRIBUTION”


Popular hard rock and ambient metal band from the city ‘SOUNDS FISHY’ release their first EP titled ‘RETRIBUTION’

Mangaluru: “SOUNDS FISHY” – popular Hard Rock/Ambient Metal band from Mangaluru release their first EP titled “RETRIBUTION”. The EP features 3 energetic and heart-pounding Hard Rock songs with Renston Fernandes on lead vocals. The EP was released on Youtube and major streaming platforms. Additionally, Band released the music video for one of the songs from the EP “Hail the Courtesan” on YouTube.

The tracks are titled: 1) Hail the Courtesan (Based on human greed and how it makes us do unimaginable things and ultimately consumes us); 2) Kill My Pain (Describes the fight within your consciousness, Fight your nightmares. Fight for your dreams and aspirations); 3) Of God and men (Based on human pride that gives us a false sense of being immortal or “like God”).

#1 Hail the Courtesan – Music composed by Fishy Sounds; Lyrics/Melody/Title: Renston Jake Fernandes

#2 Kill My Pain originally by Avalanche Brakedown; Former members: Renston Fernandes, Dylon Dsouza, Rolan Carlo, Jackson Noronha; Lyrics/Melody/Title: Dylon Dsouza

#3 Of God and Men; Music composed by Sounds Fishy; Lyrics/Melody/Title: Renston Jake Fernandes

Performed by Fishy Sounds, featuring Ashwin Sequeira on drums; Floid Pereira on bass; Clyde Lobo on guitar; Ramprasad Ashok on guitar; Maclean Dsouza on keyboard; and Renston Jake Fernandes – the lead vocals, the band constantly churned out famous sensational originals titled Friendly Race, Train on a Highway and Moment of Truth which also won applause from overseas audiences. Music production, mixing and mastering are handled by Maclean D’souza.

The band was formed in early 2016, when a group of six friends who had previously been in various local rock bands teamed up to form “Sounds Fishy”. The main influences of the group were Dream Theater, Deep Purple, Megadeth, Ronnie James Dio, Seether, Steel Panther, Toto, Scorpions, Pink Floyd. etc Besides several gigs around the country, the band’s most cherished moment was when their first original composition “Sympathetic Race” was broadcast on the UK’s leading metal radio station called “Metal”. The groups’ previous singles have also been played on popular rock radio stations in New Zealand, the United States and have listeners from over 25 countries on Spotify.

The band was the first to collaborate with several top Mangaluru guitarists and produced “The Mangalore Guitar Jam”. Sounds Fishy, ​​were the very first Mangalorian band to have all of their originals played on multiple radio stations including UK radio network ‘Metal Mayhem Radio’, KAOS FM 87.8 in New Zealand, Rock Rage Radio in the USA United countless times. The band also reached number 31 on New Zealand’s Spring Rock radio charts, hosted by KAOS FM 87.8.

Their game can be described in one word: CAPTIVATING. They mesmerize with their passionate acting to keep the audience spellbound, and the audience gave them well-deserved applause. Their performance is filled with a power that brings life and vibrancy to the music, and the band members will tear it up with an intensity that will be overwhelming. Knowing a few members of their previous group “Avalanche Brakedown” and their performance on stage, I can say that they are a dynamic group whose personal connection gives poignancy to their music and spark to their performances.

The group has since released 3 singles which are available on all streaming platforms. Besides original compositions, the band also covers songs like Scorpions, Metallica, Ghost, Motherjane, Iron maiden, Deep Purple, Steelheart, Toto, Korn, Eagles, Guns and Roses, Black Sabbath, Queen, Megadeth, Panthera, Dream theatre, White snake to name a few. The band is known for their energetic stage presence, punchy vocals filled with incredible guitar riffs, and intense percussion that make the band’s music feel tight and heavy. With their superb stage performances, “Sounds Fishy” could be a hotly-loved live act all over Mangaluru and surrounding areas in the coming days when they schedule their live concerts. The band members have a colorful embodiment of talents that spread positivity around them. Their performances and music brought a sense of freshness that grips the listener with newfound energy. The band has performed on a variety of occasions, including company launches and fundraising charity shows.

Their unique rock/hard-rock influences have propelled them into the mainstream spotlight. Their music is full of life and you will enjoy their performance when they are live. It’s an expression of six distinct musical sensibilities that blend together to produce a truly unique sound. Their music is often blended so well that you will feel its smooth, honey-sweet consistency. Without a doubt, “Sound Fishy” is one of the next exciting and innovative acts in the rock music scene, with a unique reputation for captivating audiences in any type of setting, from college music festivals, live concerts to concerts. of pub. You have to watch these guys play live – their prominent electric guitar riffs, brilliant synthesizers, seamless sound and message, and Auto-Tune pitch correction software are superb. This “energizing” band that’s heavy on clipped beats and muffled guitars and mesmerizing keyboards is sure to entertain everyone once they hit the live stage.

Their stature continues to grow and chances are that such interest is just a taste of what’s to come. The band wants to focus on their live performances, and so they are looking for opportunities to play at college gigs/festivals or in pubs. It’s obvious when you look at them, because this is where they shine. It seems like the stage is a place of emotional release, where they can play without worry or compromise. The musical chemistry between the band’s musicians is clearly evident. They are all equally competent and fulfill their role very well.

The power of every song performed by the band is simply outstanding – awesome vocals, awesome instrument arrangement. Once the band starts playing, it lets you get lost in the real world of rock! It’s worth listening to everyone there! Seriously! Brilliant songs all around! Simply superb; Good music. All of the band members are awesome at what they do. This band is one of the few bands that revive the true power of rock/hard-rock/heavy metal. Attend a live gig from these guys and you’ll know that ‘Sounds Fishy’ is sure to be the hottest rock band around.

Current band members:-

Drums: – Ashwin Sequeira
Bass:- Floid Pereira
Guitar: – Clyde Lobo
Guitar: – Ramprasad Ashok
Keys:- Maclean D’souza

“RETRIBUTION” Download / broadcast links:

1) Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3KaIPG5
2) Apple Music / iTunes: https://apple.co/3K7jWv2
3) Amazon Music: https://amzn.to/3K7k3qs
4) JioSaavn: https://bit.ly/38fX6Ei

(Video shot and edited by: Ivan Pereira, Propix Studios)



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