Portland’s rising metal band headlines Bottom of the Hill


SAN FRANCISCO — In the space of five years, Portland, OR-based Hippie band Death Cult have emerged as one of the leaders of the Northwest’s active heavy music scene. Multi-instrumentalist Eddie Brnabic had already made a name for himself playing with Los Angeles stoner-rock band Beggars Ball in the 2000s, releasing two albums playing guitar with the band during his brief three years. of existence.

Beggars Ball – Low Life Blues (Fight This Town 2015 Reissue) by
DDR Music Group on Youtube

Brnabic would play in a number of other LA hard rock and psych bands (Blessid Electric, Moto-Shiner, the Brothership Connection with former Slash’s Snakepit vocalist Rod Jackson) and record heavy psych music at the time – releasing the solo effort Beatitude in 2010 – and with the band Cosmic Fellowship before finally moving to Oregon.

Once there, Brnabic was quick to think about a new musical project. Originally based in Eugene, the guitarist began writing new material before realizing he would find the collaborators and backing scene the new Hippie band Death Cult would need in Portland. He traveled through a number of different line-ups before bringing his girlfriend Laura Phillips to play bass, who in turn recommended powerhouse drummer Ryan Moore from his previous experience in the band. The addition of vocalist/keyboardist Ben Jackson completed the quartet that recorded HDC’s debut album. 111 for Danish metal imprint Cursed Tongue Records.

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The 2019 album earned the band strong reviews, which not only led them to contribute a version of “Faeries Wear Boots” to Magnetic Eye Records. The best of Black Sabbath covers the compilation and a deal with US-Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds, which released the band’s split with fellow travelers and High Reaper label mates (titled Doom Sessions Vol. 5) and the second acclaimed record of last year circle of dayswhich found Hippie Death Cult thriving with a mix of melodic riffs, pulverizing grooves and compelling dynamics reminiscent of classic ’70s metal, but still nodding to modern heavyweights like Mastodon and the other Portlanders Red Fang.

The group received a major blow when Jackson decided to leave the band just months after the album’s release, but Hippie Death Cult held up admirably as a trio with Phillips as lead singer. An invigorating set at the Heavy Psych Sounds Festival in San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend proved to be one of the highlights of the two-day festival, proving fans had nothing to fear from Jackson’s departure. .

Hippie Death Cult at Heavy Psych Sounds (SF) 4K by
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The power trio have been busy this summer, releasing their debut recording with the clean line-up (the digital single “Nice to Know You”) just before setting off on a nationwide tour in mid-July that took the band to the Ripplefest in Austin, TX, as well as the massive three-day metal blast Psycho Las Vegas this past weekend.

For this headlining show at the Bottom of the Hill, they’re joined by veteran San Francisco band Floating Goat, the longtime band fronted by prolific guitarist Chris Corona (also in Hazzard’s Cure and Molten among others) who has been producing his corrosive muddy metal style sound for two decades. Although the group hasn’t released new material since 2016, new songs have been unveiled during live performances over the past year with rumors that a new recording is in the works.

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The opener will be another power trio, Oakland’s slow phase. Another lineup of seasoned musicians, the trio includes guitarist Dmitri Mavra – the creative mind behind stoner-rock band Skunk and famed psychedelic doom studio project Dungeon Weed – as well as explosive drummer/vocalist Richard Stuverud (who played with punk heroes of the North West, the Fastbacks and earlier this year filled in behind the kit for Pearl Jam at several arena shows) and bassist/vocalist Anthony Pusifer (Radio Haiku, Spidermeow, REQ’D). The band plays fuzzy hard rock that nods to classic Mountain, James Gang and Grand Funk Railroad sounds.

Hippie Death Cult with a floating goat and a slow phase
Tuesday, August 23, 8 p.m. $12 – $15
bottom of the hill


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