REM really loves their album cover by this Aussie band



“Never thought REM would send us fire and love emojis in DMs.”

Legendary US band REM praised Australian band Quivers last week, after discovering the Tasmanian quartet’s album cover Out of time.

REM posted a link to the Australian band’s work, featuring covers of “Shiny Happy People” and “Losing My Religion” in a Facebook post on their official account.

Lead singer Sam Nicholson told Junkee he woke up to messages from friends, saying “REM talked about our full album cover.”

“The first response was not believing it and feeling really surprised and relieved that our blankets didn’t bother them,” Nicholson said. “Never thought REM would send us fire and love emojis in DMs.”

Nicholson said the accolades came with “really weird and perfect timing” as the band were set to announce their second pressing of the Out of time vinyl covers.

We’ve certainly noticed a few additional new names commanding all of our albums, and hopefully a few will make it to the shows on our postponed (not yet announced) US tour. The response has been really positive. Nicholson said.

Nicholson said REM was influenced by his sound as a musician from an early age, being recommended to Nicholson by his sister at the age of 10 when “Megadeth and Pantera were still coming out of my bros bedrooms”.

Quivers will be touring with their latest album “Golden Doubt” throughout May.



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