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Following the release of their album, Breaking the Chains, in early 2020, talented local brutal melodic death metal band FenrisWulf are back with a new single, Woven Fate.

The inspiration behind the single is a whole year of frustration with Covid-19, a whole year of not being able to come out and play like before.

“It has been torture for us musicians to sit at home and not be able to go out and play and express ourselves,” said lead guitarist Johan du Toit.

Covid-19 has had a heavy impact on the music and entertainment industry, with artists canceling many shows.

“With Covid-19, we couldn’t live up to the expectations of our previous album. We had to suspend the live performances, ”said Du Toit.

During the lockdown, the group, while unable to perform live, continued to write songs.

FenrisWulf brings the sounds of Norse pagan viking culture.

“Heavy metal is one of the musical genres that arouses real emotion,” said Du Toit.

Even though men are webs of tattoos and piercings, they are just as normal, humble, and down to earth as any other person.

“The metal is more real. These are the people who play the instruments themselves, they do whatever they want themselves.

What you hear comes from the heart. Metal is a community, ”said Du Toit.

He said there are so many subgenres in metal and it is one of the most diverse forms of music on the planet.

“Either you understand or you don’t understand. Either you know what metal is, understand the culture, understand the fans and the sounds, or you hate everyone and mistakenly call them satanic, ”said Du Toit.

The majority of the five band members were self-taught from a young age on the instruments and have perfected their sound over the years with the encouragement of their families and mentors.

“If you pay enough attention to something, you will improve yourself. Don’t follow what people tell you to do or follow the money. Follow what you think you need to follow and you’ll get to where you want to be. Give a man a job he loves to do, he’ll never have to work a day in his life again. The only job you hate, someone else loves doing it, ”singer Henco Chamberlain said.

Woven Fate has exploded into the charts and is currently fourth on the local heavy metal music charts.

The band were also contacted by Metal for Africa, who encouraged them to continue what they are doing and that they love the latest single.

The group can’t wait to get back on stage to do what they love and share their latest outing with fans live.

Ms Charné Olivier, owner of Scissorhands hairdressing salon and group marketing manager, said: “It’s a bunch of local guys doing good, why not support our local people? “

She said these are just normal people, who have careers like everyone else and who ultimately bring what they love to the community.

“Give them the chance to play. For them, it is their passion, they just need a break, ”said Ms. Olivier.

The group thanked their fans for supporting them and being by their side through hard times.

The faces of FenrisWulf are vocalist Henco Chamberlain, drummer Wikus Kleynhans, bassist Arries Naudé, rhythm guitarist Renaldo Cilliers and Johan du Toit as lead guitarist.

You can visit their Facebook page for the latest updates as well as their webpage for all their hits like Heimdall’s Gaze, Breaking the Chains, Perseverance, Hope and Despair, and more.

You can also visit all the music outlets such as Spotify for their latest single Woven Fate.

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