Shop Stylish and Affordable Lab Diamond Rings


What better way to do it when you want to be glamorous than with diamonds? Right?!

It’s time to dive into your jewelry list and decide on why you should have your own lab-grown diamond jewelry. Particularly beautiful lab-grown diamond rings!

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

We all know that synthetic diamonds are the real deal; they have the same chemical, physical and optical composition as mined or natural diamonds. Due to the similarities in their compositions, it is almost impossible to tell the two apart.

Additionally, they are much more environmentally friendly and sustainable than natural diamonds, as lab-grown diamonds created in state-of-the-art labs leave a much lower carbon footprint than the diamond mining industry. Since they are 100% conflict free, you know you are making an ethical choice.

And guess what? They are economical! We are talking about almost 40-70% savings when you buy lab grown gemstones!

How to wear your Lab-diamond ring?

Ideally, a white diamond is a perfect addition to any outfit in your wardrobe. So when you own one, you are sure to add more sparkle to your occasion, enhancing your overall look.

It is essential to pay attention to the color of the metal of your ring setting so that your other jewelry accessories match it to create a cohesive look. If you choose to wear a diamond ring in yellow gold, you should pair them with gold bracelets or other yellow gold jewelry because consistency is key!

Plus, a stunning diamond ring is sure to turn heads and grab attention! Whether it’s an engagement ring or the couple rings you share with your partner. The sparkle of the ring will direct all the attention to your finger, and the best way to wear a striking diamond ring in style is to pamper yourself with a manicure to match your outfit and your beautiful ring.

Which Lab diamond rings to choose?

Finding the right ring for the special occasions you want to share with your loved ones can sometimes be tricky. Choosing the perfect jewelry for your event can be tedious. Friendly Diamonds, an online jewelry brand based in New York and shipping worldwide, offers a large collection to help you make those complicated decisions more easily.

The best example of a unique yet fascinating lab-grown diamond ring is the Stella Criss Cross Solitaire Ring. The exquisite charm of this ring is one of the perfect choices for those who want to flaunt a double band diamond ring.

Likewise, the Twisted Blossom Diamond Ring, which features a solitaire ring with four small diamonds on the four corners of the center stone, is sure to take your breath away. The shimmering luster of the ring is an added sparkle to the dreamy look of the ring.

The Janes Chevron Diamond Ring brings a subtle yet elegant touch to the ring, with a dip in the band that nestles the diamond extraordinarily; this lab-grown diamond ring is the new buzz among millennials.

Why Friendly Diamonds?

If you’re looking for the best engagement ring or eternity ring options but don’t know how to proceed, then Friendly Diamonds offers a free virtual appointment with their gemologist and jewelry specialist to share all the knowledge you need. need regarding your diamond.

You can easily have a 360 degree definition of all the diamonds available on the website. Plus, customers in the United States get FREE return shipping – no questions asked on all items within 30 days of purchase! Therefore, make your journey to owning your dream lab-grown diamond ring a smooth sail.

The brand also allows you to create your own ring from scratch by selecting your setting and choosing your diamond and metal color before completing your ring with an engraving if you wish!


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