Slipknot ‘The Dying Song’ Meaning: The Metal Band’s Latest Single Explained By Corey Taylor


Slipknot is set to release a new album soon and in order to keep their fans excited, the group surprisingly released a new single titled “The Dying Song (Time to Sing)” and Corey Taylor recently explained the meaning of their song.

Speaking in an interview with Kerrang!, the frontman revealed that the song revolves around “outrage and no punishment” for him.

For the past few years, Taylor has said it’s “very fashionable” to be offended and outraged by the slightest thing, but there’s no resolution in the end, especially in his country (States -United).

“It’s almost like the tables have turned, and the angrier people are, the more the people they’re angry at are doubling down on the shit,” he added. (via WGRD 97.9)

He added that instead of people being punished for doing bad things, it’s gotten to a point where the public has now reacted like “fuck you, we don’t care” and it seems like they waiting for the apocalypse to happen. .

“You’re sitting there thinking, ‘Well, that was fun! That’s kind of what this song is. It’s just like, ‘If we don’t get it, I’ll see you when the meteor hits, basically,'” he added.

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Elsewhere in the interview, the singer said he had lost all hope for humanity after the things he had witnessed throughout his life.

To change society, a catastrophic event must occur.

The recent interview comes a day after the official album art and track listing for Slipknot’s upcoming album leaked online.

Although the group has officially announced that a new disc will be released on September 30, they haven’t revealed the tracklist yet.

As seen in photos circulating online, the list of 11 songs is as follows:

  1. Adderall

  2. dying song

  3. The Chapeltown Rag

  4. Yen

  5. hive spirit

  6. guarantee

  7. medicine for the dead

  8. Acid

  9. Legacy

  10. H377

  11. From Sade

  12. Final

The group has not confirmed whether the leaked track listing is accurate or not.

Ahead of the release of their new song, the group shared enigmatic videos throughout their social media accounts which featured a series of videos of their previous performances and music videos.

Shawn Crahan, popularly known as Clown, did a short voiceover for the video, saying death won’t stop their band and the original members who aren’t there won’t do anything to them.

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