Swedish metal band Kriloan signs with Sliptrick Records


Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records: Kriloan (SE) Power Metal | Metal

The Kriloan project started in 2020. Klas Holmgren, composer, guitarist and lifelong metalhead decided to create the music he himself wanted to hear. Music that he says hasn’t been created to a greater extent these days. True melodic power metal based on guitar rather than keyboards! The original plan was to keep the project as a one-man operation, but soon Klas felt the need to include other metalheads. Longtime friend Steve Brockmann (Vision Of Choice) joined on guitar and later Alex VanTrue was hired to do vocals. Marco Toba (bass) and David Lanas (drums) completed the line-up and the doors to metal were open for what was to follow.

Kriloan’s influences date back to the late 80s and early 90s when bands such as Blind Guardian, Helloween and Hammerfall ruled the power metal world. Sharp riffs, epic guitar solos and soaring vocals are the key ingredients of the Kriloan sound. The band’s plan is to bring back the glory of power metal as it (in their minds) should sound.

In the band’s own words, “we play the power metal that we miss, how difficult can it be? The basis of all good music is FMG – fast melodic guitars!

Kriloan are:
Klas Holmgren – Guitars | Steve Brockmann – Lead Guitars | Alex VanTrue – Vocals | Marco Toba – Bass | David Lanas – Drums

Group links: Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | About Sliptrick

Press release courtesy of Grand Sounds PR

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