Tedeschi Trucks Band cover Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times – and it just might make you cry


The Tedeschi Trucks Band spent the first week of October hosting a residency at their regular booth The Beacon Theater in New York. They have since shared one of the highlights of their closing night – a breathtaking, moving and totally unexpected cover of Harry Styles. sign of the times.

While we could be forgiven for being lyrical about Derek Trucks’ electric guitar playing, frankly, any given the show, this is a jaw-dropping performance from Susan Tedeschi, in particular. Indeed, her soulful vocal rendition takes a track that revolves around a repetitive four-chord verse and chorus structure (F Dm C C7) and seems to make it levitate.

It’s also something of an unlikely song choice from a band that has often remained firmly associated with the rock and soul music of a particular vintage – from Trucks’ Allman Brothers Band stints to the full album performance. by TTB by Derek And The Dominoes. Layla and other assorted love songs. The latter in turn led to this year’s four-disc project, I am the mooninspired by the same source material.

Perhaps it’s this recent immersion in the past that has led them to add new material to their ever-expanding setlist. There’s something timeless about Styles’ 2017 single – his first solo track – nonetheless, and Tedeschi’s performance, like all great covers, finds the heart of the song and recontextualizes it.

In the hands of TTB, sign of the times becomes something of a lost R&B classic: a cut that could have been tragically left on the studio floor by Otis Redding or Etta James. Trucks, meanwhile, is content to play the role of beaming sideman in the performance, but still adds a few little Steve Cropper-style fills and slides.

Several viewers of the professionally filmed footage above claim to have attended the show and called it the best vocal performance they have ever seen.

Like a comment (opens in a new tab) the dish : “[I imagine] Harry Styles suddenly realized he had made it.

Tedeschi Trucks Band will now head to Europe for a flagship tour. You can buy tickets from Ticketmaster (opens in a new tab).


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