The group from MSU went to Europe and the ears of the locals are still ringing


Everyone knows I played trombone in the Spartan Marching Band during my four years at Michigan State. That, along with my penchant for unorthodox views on sports, is my claim to fame.

So when a listener called me asking about SMB’s recent trip to Europe, I was thrilled – talking about the band isn’t exactly the kind of content that regularly features on my roadmap. This gave me the opportunity to plug in the appearance of SMB throughout the Mid Europe Festival, which is considered one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

I followed the sharing of the SMB various videos of their multiple performances in Austria. But my absolute favorite piece of media from the band’s trip was this tweet from someone who lives in Vienna:

The image in my mind is hysterical. Just imagine people living and working in Vienna on a random July afternoon being greeted by the deafening sounds of some 300 Spartans yelling “Victory For MSU” and shouting the various chants of the drum cadence and the march of the group, “The Series.” I imagine the Viennese sitting in their quiet cafes and offices, going about their normal working day, when suddenly they hear a chorus of over 300 voices shouting, “GO STATE, BEAT THE BRONCOS!” It must have been an alarming and confusing experience.

Apparently, the SMB left a lasting impression.

I also like that MSU Twitter didn’t disappoint in its response to this Austrian’s questions.

MSU Twitter has also done a great job of coping with a predictable response from our rodent neighbors in the Southeast.

Even in Europe, the state of Michigan cannot escape its mouth-breathing sibling. It’s just to show that the idiot doesn’t respect borders.

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