The pandemic has proven to me that parents can unite


When this coronavirus pandemic started almost two years ago, I don’t think any of us were at all prepared for what the past two years have in store. In my personal opinion, this has been a hell of a doozy. As a parent, it has been a very difficult time for me personally. Not only do I have an immunocompromised daughter who I needed to protect and worry about, but I also had other issues. As this virus has become very politicized, watching everything unfold has been disturbing for me and at times I have been in disbelief. Even more over time.

Something that I find very interesting about this time is the power of parents and how certain groups of parents came together for a common cause. This is certainly not new. Parents have been coming together for centuries for the sake of their children’s education, but it’s different. Parents have come together with a very specific goal in mind of wanting to protect their children from masks and compulsory vaccines in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The passion behind this cause gets a lot of attention that many other issues don’t seem to muster.

Quite honestly, as someone who doesn’t see that side, the intensity of parenting choice has been a little scary. I know it’s just me, but if it was necessary to send my kid to school in a spacesuit, I’d call NASA to get one so I could get my kids out of my house. Do not mistake yourself. I love my kids so much, but I’m not a homeschool mom or someone who wanted to be a teacher.

Goodbye, go to school. I’ll see you at 3:00 p.m.

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During that time, I have been following our local school board, the entire district, and our neighboring school districts as well. It opened my eyes and I was impressed with these parents who are launching their groups online. They were very successful and made changes in the districts in which they decided to make a difference. In my district, our school board went through a lot of changes and everything was done and organized by the parents. It got me thinking about all the other things parents could do if we got together and tried to make changes.

There must be something that almost all parents can agree on about repairing needs that would benefit all of our children. Children in American schools go hungry on weekends and during school vacations. Demand that every American child be fed and receive free lunch and breakfast in school. Many other children come to school wearing inappropriate clothes in the winter. Let’s put together a few petitions to make sure every child in your district receives a warm coat, hat and gloves.

Can we make a difference with school safety? Problems in schools have increased amid the pandemic. Or we, as parents, should start a movement to pay our teachers more money. For the most part, the teachers are amazing and they deserve so much more. It took a global pandemic to prove how vital teachers are and how difficult it is to teach children. Teachers must be paid more than the low annual salaries on which they cannot live comfortably. Or what about the gratitude for the supervisory staff who kept the schools clean and functional during this time.

I also know the pandemic is going to end and so what? What’s the next cause? There is a level of organization and noise that was created to make something next. It seems that the new focus now will be to end critical race theory and also to end socio-emotional learning in school. Those same parents toppled school boards that now want to end socio-emotional learning, which is a bit ironic considering that one of the top reasons kids give for not wearing masks in school is that it harms their mental health.

Whatever the following cause, I think a new message has been sent. It’s that parents can make a difference and that they can be heard. It takes a lot of passion and a lot of other people who feel the same way to make a difference, but it is very possible. I think that determination can be used more to bring about more positive changes. Students need support and parents are a big part of it. Maybe now, parents will keep and maintain their renewed interest in their children’s school.

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