Tower of Power members hit by train in Oakland


Highlights of history

  • The drummer and bassist are responsive but still in the hospital
  • The funk-rock band’s horn sound has been featured on many classic albums

“In an unfortunate accident … drummer David Garibaldi and current bassist Marc van Wageningen were struck by a train in California,” their public relations officer Jeremy Westby said in a statement to CNN. Both men are responsive and are being treated in a hospital, according to Westby.

CNN affiliate KRON reports that the crash happened as the men walked through Jack London Square, near the concert hall in Oakland’s Embarcadero neighborhood.
The Oakland Fire Department said that “several pedestrians struck by the train,” in a Tweeter and that two ambulances have been requested.

Garibaldi and Wageningen were not on the designated crosswalk when they were hit, an Amtrak spokesperson told CNN Affiliate KGO.

The group was scheduled to perform Thursday night at Yoshi’s Concert Hall in Oakland. Their two concerts have been canceled according to the club’s website.

A video posted to the group’s Facebook page showed Tower of Power performing at Yoshi’s house earlier this week.

The Oakland-based Tower of Power was founded in 1968 and its horn sound has been featured on songs by Elton John, Santana, Rod Stewart and Aerosmith.

Their own hits include songs such as “You’re Still a Young Man” and “What is Hip”.


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