TOYO’s EMC software selected by Keysight for regulatory test lab in Malaysia


Software PXE N9048B from Keysight and EPX from TOYO

Keysight Regulatory Testing Lab in Malaysia

Action Provides Product Demonstration Environment for TOYO to Expand Sales of EMC Test Solutions in Southeast Asia

TOYO Corporation (TSE: 8151)

… uses two patented TOYO technologies to enable visualization of unnecessary noise that needs to be removed and to perform compliance testing at any time.

—TOYO Company

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2022 / — TOYO Corporation, a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions headquartered in Tokyo, today announced that the software for EMC test developed in-house by TOYO had been selected by Keysight Technologies for its regulatory certification Testing laboratory in Penang, Malaysia.

In partnership with TOYO’s local distributor, JS Denki Pte. (HQ: Singapore), which supplies TOYO’s EMC software and systems and provides technical support in Southeast Asia, TOYO plans to use this test lab as a demonstration environment for its latest emissions measurement solution which includes Keysight’s latest EMI receiver, “N9048B PXE” to expand its commercial footprint in the region.

The “EPX” series, TOYO’s high-end emission measurement and analysis software, is one of the EMC test software applications delivered to the lab. It was developed by TOYO to take advantage of Keysight’s latest EMI receiver, “N9048B PXE”, and uses two patented TOYO technologies to enable visualization of unnecessary noise that needs to be suppressed and to perform compliance testing at any time.

Launched in 2020, Keysight’s Regulatory Test Lab has been accredited as a Compliance Test Lab by A2LA (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) and has been used by companies in the telecommunications, electronics, consumer and automotive.

Keysight’s regulatory test lab has become the first accredited test lab in Southeast Asia to introduce “N9048B PXE” with TOYO’s emission measurement and analysis software. The “EPX” series is designed to make best use of the unique characteristics of PXE. The pair speeds up product development cycles by reducing the time it takes to perform tests and report results.

TOYO continues to contribute to the growth of manufacturing industries in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries by providing solutions that accelerate the product development cycle and improve efficiency. For more information about the Keysight Regulatory Testing Lab, please visit it on the website at -taas/regulatory-test-lab.html

TOYO’s emission measurement and analysis software, “EPX” series, has enabled highly reliable automatic measurement of radiated electromagnetic noise emissions without missing significant noise by incorporating the Time Domain Accelerated Scan (A- TDS) to Keysight’s latest EMI receiver, “N9048B PXE.” Time domain analysis is possible on noise measured in addition to a frequency domain and allows visualization of the timing and frequency of occurrence of noise; this is very effective in identifying noise sources and taking counter-measures. Based on the knowledge TOYO has acquired over its long history of developing EMC software, TOYO has developed patented technologies and ensured compliance testing is performed every time while enabling the use of the wide 350 MHz FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) frequency band in the “N9048B PXE.”

Two features of the “EPX” series utilize patented technologies that help avoid missing significant noise when performing measurements in a wideband range and when performing measurements to international standards. With these key capabilities, the challenges encountered when performing high bandwidth measurements with the “N9048B PXE” can be overcome.

The first feature is impulse noise suppression which prevents the target electromagnetic noise from being hidden by other noises unrelated to the measurement, such as static electricity and so-called clicking noise. And the second feature is compliance assessment. This feature allows you to perform measurements according to international standards without relying on the experience and skills of test engineers.

Other key features of the EPX Series include:
• Highly reliable automated measurement sequence with A-TDS
• Real-time sweep measurement sequence that allows non-stop measurement within the FFT bandwidth
• Frequency step measurement sequence which reduces the time for each measurement
• Pre-scanning using the QP detector
• Noise analysis after impulsive noise suppression (PK/MaxHold) which masks other noises in a wide bandwidth
• Automatic adjustment and tuning of residence time based on analysis of noise behavior
• Evaluation of noise data in the time domain
• Reporting function based on MS-Office

About JS Denki Pte. ltd.
Since its establishment in Singapore in August 2002, JS Denki has been providing professional and highly reliable services as an EMC test solution provider and system integrator. JS Denki has continued to expand its business in Southeast Asia and China regions after opening offices in Malaysia and China in 2004 and 2008 respectively. In various countries and regions, they are committed to providing the most efficient and reliable EMC test solutions and services by integrating the products of the world’s leading suppliers into the test systems and offering high quality technical support. JS Denki Pte. Website:

About TOYO Corporation
Founded in 1953, TOYO Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) contributes to technological innovations as a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions. Through its variety of business sectors – ICT (information and communication technology), automotive, energy, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), ocean defense and security, software development, life sciences and information, the company is focused on providing solutions to emerging markets. such as 5G network, clean energy, development of autonomous vehicles. TOYO also makes significant R&D investments to develop in-house technologies and products. Its growth strategies include expanding its market presence in the United States and China and TOYO has established subsidiaries in these two important markets. By making available the most advanced market-based solutions, TOYO is at the forefront to help shape a safe and environmentally friendly society and develop industries. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at

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