umlaut launches “5G Campus Lab”, an open private RAN network to accelerate the development of connectivity solutions for customers


Powerful wireless connectivity is becoming increasingly important as enterprises move towards a total reinvention of the business that will transform every part of their business through technology, data and artificial intelligence. Examples of this transformation include connected vehicles and the bringing of robotics and cloud-based automation solutions to factories, which will generate huge amounts of data and put enormous pressure on data networks.

The 5G Campus Lab offers the following capabilities and services:

  • Companies can validate their existing 5G use cases to identify and resolve issues in advance, such as ensuring that different end devices and sensors work together smoothly. They can get started without having to set up their own private 5G networks, which are expensive to build and usually require licensing from network authorities.
  • Businesses can experiment with umlaut use cases. These include, but are not limited to, the following areas: smart manufacturing, including process automation and predictive maintenance; telemedicine with a digital rescue chain; software-defined vehicles; and real-time augmented reality for digital twins.
  • With holistic engineering and industry expertise, umlaut helps companies develop and deploy new, individual 5G use cases that leverage best-in-class technologies, enforce security by design, and support energy efficiency.
  • umlaut helps customers looking to build their own private network with its in-depth understanding of the integration and interoperability challenges of network devices and technologies such as Open RAN.

The 5G Campus Lab covers indoor and outdoor areas and provides 100 MHz of C-band spectrum. As a standalone 5G network, it does not require LTE technology for signaling and information transfer. It is supported by Open RAN, an emerging technology using open interfaces that allow software and hardware components from different vendors to communicate, enabling innovative low-cost wireless solutions.

Hakan EkmenCEO of Telecommunications at umlaut, said: “5G is a key enabler for smart connected products and manufacturing. Our 5G campus lab is the perfect proving ground for enterprises looking to take advantage of the latest wireless connectivity technologies, cloud-based Open RAN virtualized infrastructure, and massive multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) antennas. ).”

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