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The Music Room hosted Edgehill and others at the historic EXIT/IN on April 5.

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Singer Chris Kelly belts “Brazil,” pictured April 5, 2022. (Hustler Staff/Claire Gatlin)

Legit Smitty EXIT/IN 1
Legit Smitty wows the crowd with gooey instrumentals, photographed April 5, 2022. (Hustler Staff/Claire Gatlin) (Claire Gatlin)

We weren’t expecting to listen to Neil Young, OutKast and Hippo Campus on a Tuesday night, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Surrounded by murals by iconic artists like Willie Nelson and Linda Ronstadt, four Nashville bands took the stage on April 5 at EXIT/IN. Organized by The music room and Saint Moly Recordsthe show was run by a Vanderbilt-based group Edgehill and featured local artists Legit Smitty, cannon hunting and Short.

Legit Smitty started the set on an acoustic guitar, giving the rock room an intimate feel. The performance included many songs he had recorded via voice memos while working at summer camp, including the heartbreaking jam “Boots.” He got the whole crowd singing after teaching the chorus to “sacred sounds“, bringing the exact energy we needed for the acts to come. His new version”Slow down for a minuteis available April 8.

Cannon Hunting EXIT/IN 1
Cannon Hunt boasts an impressive voice on the EXIT/IN stage, pictured April 5, 2022. (Hustler Staff/Claire Gatlin) (Claire Gat)

Kicking off strong with a rendition of “After the Gold Rush“, cannon hunting brought the perfect balance of power and folk to EXIT/IN. You wouldn’t expect someone who can emulate Neil Young so easily to later launch on a song called “Heavy Metal,” but Hunt did it, and he did it well. The crowd jumped as easily as they swung to the more laid-back moments of the set, exemplified in his single “chaos of the season.” Hunt will release another single later this year.

Short took the stage after Hunt, bringing great energy and getting the whole crowd moving. He started with “willow” and “Wander», incorporating electronic sound with heavy drums. “Kilby Girl vibes” we thought as he started his set and then he actually performed”Kilby girl.” Between creative indie originals and covers of Foxygen and Hippocampus, Cōrt brought a distinct personality and passion to the night. Cōrt’s EP”Blues & Greenswas released on April 1, and the band is working on a full album due out later this year.

Cōrt lit up performing original tunes, pictured April 5, 2022. (Hustler Staff/Claire Gatlin) (Claire Gatlin)

“The crowd was wonderful,” Cōrt said.

Wonderful indeed, as the crowd thickened with Vanderbilt students eager to support the final act: Edgehill. Featuring for the first time singles like “Don’t Look Down” and electric covers such as “Brazil“, Edgehill has established itself as a fresh new sound. You’d never guess that sound came from Wyatt Lawn.

Freshman Chris Kelly didn’t expect much from The Music Room’s recurring jam sessions. That was until he met lead and lead guitarist Jake Zimmerman. The two had slightly opposite musical interests, but their classic rock and John Mayer influences blended surprisingly well – all that was left to do was find the rhythm.

“A kid was there with his whole drum kit outside of Wyatt and I thought that was peculiar but awesome,” Kelly said.

After making the first impression on him, Kelly was eager to work with the drummer, but they lost touch. Kelly eventually bumped into fellow freshman Jonathan Wilson on Rand’s path, and the band later connected with the junior and bassist. Andrei Olaru– the rest is history.

Edgehill EXIT/ENTRY 2
Edgehill performs his encore to EXIT/IN, pictured April 5, 2022. (Hustler Staff/Claire Gatlin) (Claire Gatlin)

The show gave the band the opportunity to bring their full-bodied sound to life. They took songs thrown together at Sarratt and put them to the ultimate test at EXIT/IN, where they passed with flying colors.

“It was just electric, it had the perfect mix of great covers of songs that we knew very well and there were also some really great original songs that we were really looking forward to hearing,” Eshan Patel said.

More importantly, Edgehill got to experience the quintessential headliner experience – the fake exit. After performing on “Coming Undone”, they sneakily left the stage before ending the night with a cover of “Hey Ya!” and the original song “Someday”.

With a single to be released in the coming weeks and a Bright shadow gig on the way, there’s so much more in store for Edgehill.


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