Venom’s Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis play a “symbiote or death metal band?” quiz


As part of the preparation for the release of Marvel’s second opus Venom franchise, titled Venom: let there be carnage, lead actor Tom Hardy and director Andy Serkis took part in a quiz that forced them to decide whether a creepy name belongs to a death metal band or a symbiote.

For those who don’t know what a symbiote actually is (Google dot com has been found to be useful for this one), a symbiote is an alien parasite that lives inside the host of a human body in binding to him. Fictitious, of course. In the Venom movies, it’s those giant mutant spots with razor-sharp fangs and amazingly stretchy limbs.

As it turns out, the names of the symbiotes and death metal bands have a lot in common, and usually refer to some sort of destructive effort, menacing emotion, or sinister concept. Carnage, Mania … you get the gist of it. The movie title font also resembles your standard death metal band logo, with the required exaggerated crisp letters. Plus, who can forget that our favorite alien blob itself, Venom, shares its name with one of the most prolific death metal bands to pioneer the extreme metal movement?

In the quiz, the pair do remarkably well for people who aren’t supposed to be very familiar with the metal world and answer most questions correctly. The names proposed to the duo include Grendel, Amorphis and Venom Prison. The latter is, of course, the nickname for the Welsh death metal band, who actually discovered the quiz themselves and responded to it with a humorous tweet, writing: “Yo Tom Hardy next time you’re in. the area (preferably Barry Island) shout at me and we’ll have some crisps. IGN shout for the mention / let Tom know about the chips.

Hardy has yet to respond.

Watch the quiz below:

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