Watch This Band Cover AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” At A Burger King Drive-Thru


To listen AC DC“Thunderstruck” is always a good time. To listen AC DC’s “Thunderstruck” played by a band in a Burger King drive-thru is somehow more magical than the normal experience. So shout out to the group from Hollywood, California The Old The Old to do just that. What really takes this comedy to the next level is that the cover is actually well acted, and not just a blunder for blunder’s sake – The Old The Old can play!

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It’s unclear if the Burger King in question was in on the joke, or if its employees were just treated to surprise riffs in the middle of the workday. Although given the band’s obvious penchant for playing past Burger Kings (and Wendy’s), I’m guessing the latter to some degree. And who knows – The Old The Old DID said they love Whoppers…maybe there’s a sponsorship there. I have to pay the bills one way or another, right?

Now if we could just hang on The Old The Old with Hemorrhagethe band playing gigs from their truck, we could have a pretty sick mobile tour.

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