Will Smith’s wife Jada is part of a nu metal band that played at Ozzfest


Actor Will Smith been making headlines since he slapped Chris Rock at 94and Oscars at the end of March.

The incident caused many to speculate about his relationship with his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smithwhom he married in 1997. Fans are likely aware that Jada directs the hit Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk,” which is currently airing its fifth season.


What fans might not know is that Jada is also part of the mentally numb band Wicked Wisdom, which was formed in 2002. According to The Pit, the band has released two studio albums so far. Their debut came in 2004 with “My Story”. They then followed up with their self-titled album in 2006.

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon, was so impressed with the band that she invited the band to play Ozzfest in 2005.

Will Smith Reveals His Thoughts On Jada Performing At Ozzfest

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith attend the 28th SAG Awards in Santa Monica, CA

In his new memoir, “Will,” released last year, the new Oscar winner opened up about his experience watching Jada perform at Ozzfest, shared by Metal Hammer.

In his memoirs, Smith writes:

“Ozzfest […] exhibited all metals. Thrash, industrial, hardcore punk, deathcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, alternative, death, gothic and nude. Sharon [Osbourne] had seen Jada’s group and part of her had understood. She and Jada became friends and Sharon put on Wicked Wisdom at Ozzfest in the summer of 2005.”

However, it seems the ‘King Richard’ actor wasn’t a huge fan of the heavy metal scene. He wrote, “Ozzfest is the least African-American event outside of that broomstick and big hockey puck thing they do at the Olympics.”

He then transcribed a conversation he had with Jada just before heading “down the black brick road to the land of Ozz”.

“‘Baby, are you sure you don’t want to do R&B?’ I asked softly, but I meant it loudly. ‘[Metal] is the music I feel,” Jada replied quietly, but she really meant it. So we packed up with our kids and headed down the black brick road to the land of Ozz.

Although the “Independence Day” actor revealed that Wicked Wisdom was not a crowd pleaser, they impressed Guns N’ Roses enough to be invited to tour with the band.

Wicked Wisdom’s Song “Stuck” Deleted And Reposted By Fan

Six months ago, a user uploaded a video of “Stuck” to YouTube.

“I’m just uploading this video because I can’t find it online,” they wrote in the description. “And it looks like the band channel it was originally on has been taken down. And people like me were looking for these amazing videos. I found them on an old hard drive.

It is unclear why the band decided to release the clip when others are still available on their channel.

27th Annual Critics Choice Awards - Arrivals

“This song slams,” wrote one user. “This song hits harder than husband,” another fan joked.

“I remember people loved this band a few years ago,” another user commented. “A little unclear why the band didn’t continue, but from what little information I had, Pinkett says, it was because of family commitments.”

“I legitimately found out yesterday that Jada does music and not just music but Heavy Metal??? What???” another asked.

“Tbh she has raw hidden talent. Not my kind of music but I think she does her thing,” another commented.

Jada Pinkett-Smith at AFI FEST 2019 - Hala Screening

“Someone posted in a comments section that she was the lead singer of a metal band. I couldn’t believe it and was surprised he wasn’t kidding,” wrote one. “I’m also surprised how good it is. I don’t even like metal like that, so I didn’t expect it to be this good.”

“I really wish Jada was in a band in her twenties,” wrote another. “She would have been a huge rock star.”

It remains to be seen if Jada will release more music in the future, but it seems the Oscar slap has inadvertently created a new fanbase for Wicked Wisdom. Their full 2006 self-titled album can be heard below.


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