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Girl power group Catharsis release “For The Meantime” today, July 30, or just days after weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz returned home with the country’s first Olympic gold medal.

With female athlete Hidilyn Diaz winning the country’s first Olympic gold medal in an era of pandemic, Girl Power is definitely the rallying cry for girl group Catharsis to release their first single today, July 30. digital “For The Meantime”.

The quartet’s first original could not have come at a better time as the entire nation celebrates the triumph of a woman’s spirit through thick and thin despite the ongoing pandemic.

“Hidilyn Diaz’s journey is truly inspiring for us because it’s empowering to see a Filipino woman excel in a male dominated environment,” said lead singer Sam Dahilan. “There is still a huge gap / lack of representation of women within the OPM. As an all-female group, we want to spread advocacy through our music; that we need to see this uniqueness not as a hindrance but as a driving force for women to pursue music.

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Powerful words for a girl in her late teens. Still, it reflects the way his young group understands and embraces the field in which they operate.

Catharsis are a three-year-old band whose members have graduated from the same school and course, and by chance enter the local recording scene in a new normal setup that should test their bases.

No problem. Judging by their debut album backed by Widescope Entertainment, the members of this girl group undoubtedly enjoy each other’s company, as evidenced by the vocal harmonies and excited playing of their introductory track.

Illustration of the group’s first digital release, supported by Widescope Entertainment, which features cute lines like “Venus Shines In The Moonlight” and “Butterflies Soaring To The Sky”.

“The song is about haggling for the temporary love of someone who’s afraid of commitment,” said guitarist Addy Pantig who wrote the track.

The two girls forming the rhythm section complete the group: bassist Gabe Mejia and drummer Rachelle Galang.

According to Sam, the four of them wanted to find a single word that would resonate with the group’s purpose. “Catharsis” turned out to be perfect with its strong meaning of expressing an explosion of emotion through art – music to be exact.

They were not inspired by any girl groups, current or past, although they are proud to say that female ensembles such as Paramore, ABBA and Up Dharma Down are strong influences. The inclusion of ABBA in the list is not surprising. They do classic covers, notably “Johnnie B. Goode” by Chuck Berry and “Kaleidoscope World” by Francis Magalona.

“For The Meantime” is a brilliant pop song that offers cute poetry like “Venus shines in the moonlight” and “Butterflies soaring to the sky”. One line is “in search of the angel in disguise”.

Catharsis members find music to be a common ground in their appreciation of art in general. From their high school class where their bond solidified, they ventured together as friends to play music and find their audience. After making some cool covers, they continued to work on their originals. They are more than ready to show what they have and are proud of what they stand for, especially in a difficult modern world with complex gender issues.





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