Xiaomi Band 7 / NFC version listed on JD.com


Xiaomi Band 7 will be unveiled at the Redmi new product launch conference. This event will take place at 7:00 p.m. on May 24. The company will not only release the standard Xiaomi Band 7, it will also unveil an NFC version as usual. The latest information regarding this group is that it currently has a landing page on JD.com. This device is also available for reservation. The appointment deadline is May 31, which also means that the new product will officially launch a week after its release.

The Xiaomi Band 7 continues the design of the previous generation. It uses a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen with a 25% increase in viewing area. According to previous information, Xiaomi Band 7 supports a variety of sports modes, personalized user interface and NFC functions. It also supports cross-platform adaptation.

Additionally, this strip will also support 490 x 192 pixel resolution, 250mAh battery; and, optionally, a blood oxygen level sensor. However, we will certainly have more details on this in a few days. Although Xiaomi Fit is popular with Xiaomi bands, it will not be the app for Band 7. Xiaomi already has the Zepp Life app on Google Play Store and it will be the app for Xiaomi Band 7.

Xiaomi Band 7

Zepp Life to replace Mi Fit

Zepp OS is a software platform for Amazfit wearable devices of Huami production. Huami is behind the development of the Mi Band; the change of name from Mi Fit to Zepp Life is therefore not surprising. On the other hand, it may indicate that the new Xiaomi fitness bracelets (Xiaomi Band 7) will also switch to Zepp OS. In fact, this was available in the previous leak on Mi Band 7 in early March.

The Zepp Life application does not necessarily bring anything new. In fact, this app is basically the same as the Xiaomi Fit app. Xiaomi has a seamless transition between Mi Fit and Zepp Life. Just get the latest Mi Fit update and boom, you’re on Zepp Life.

The most notable feature of the impending fitness band is the presence of built-in GPS. In other words, users will be able to track activities such as walking and running without needing their smartphones. As a reminder, the Band 6 firmware previously indicated that it would support built-in GPS. However, the feature was missing in the final product. In addition, the fitness band will have a smart alarm function. This feature will ensure that the user wakes up from a light sleep half an hour before their preset alarm. Finally, the new fitness band’s power-saving mode can extend battery life.


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